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Ab Coaster

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Fitness equipment is about enabling body parts to move in a way that maximizes the effect on the muscles. Few machines copy an effective exercise as perfectly as the Ab Coaster. The hanging leg lift is one of the most intense abdominal exercises used by athletes around the world to strengthen their abs. So intense, that most people can not even do one repetition! Until now that is, because the Ab Coaster enables its user to do the same intense exercise without the usual stress and strain. No club is complete without this great unit.

The revolutionary new Ab Coaster puts you on the fast track to great abs! The Ab Coaster works exactly the opposite to a traditional ab crunch machine. Rather than working your ab muscles from the top down, the Ab Coaster works from the bottom up, helping you target those hard-to-reach lower abs. Just kneel on the comfortable carriage, and pull your knees up.

The Ab Coaster keeps you in perfect form and makes it easy for anyone, regardless of fitness level, to exercise your entire abdominal region correctly and effectively every time, without straining your neck or lower back.

The Ab Coaster also features a multi-angle adjustable seat to help you work your love handles and plate-loading posts to add extra weights for advanced users.

Product Features

  • Lose Weight Quickly
  • Have More Energy
  • Get the 6-Pack Abs you want
  • Get rid of the bulge around your middle and jumpstart your energy levels
  • The Ab Coaster will build lean muscle while you are exercising and get your body to burn calories while you are resting
  • It Gets The Job Done Completely And Efficiently
  • The Ab Coaster Machine Is Sturdy, High Quality, And Adjustable
  • The Results Are Pretty Quick
  • The Ab Coaster has the easiest moves that you can actually feel working but you don´t suffer any excruciating pain in the lower back or neck



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