Collagen Light Box

It is not a tanning lamp and it is  not an infrared l

What is it and What does it do ?

It's new, innovative, fashionable and functional - fitted with 12 collagen light therapy tubes the unit is shaped to reach the face and neckline area.
This product enables the user to make their skin look more beautiful and younger without using expensive creams, gels or injections.
The special red light of the lamps stimulates production of collagen in your skin.

Collagen is the major factor for keeping elasticity and strength in the skin, the stimulating effect of collagen production has been scientifically proven in several studies*,  a shortage of collagen in the skin also increases risks of cellulite and muscle and bone weakness, in general it's good for the whole body so the product has a lot of advantages.
After the age of 25 collagen production gradually decreases, the skin becomes weaker and wrinkles begin to appear.
This superior product will help to slow down the aging of the skin making the skin more firm and elastic.
The red collagen light does not contain any UV or Infrared radiation red, no need to wear protective glasses just keep your eyes closed, However not to be pushed together too tight to avoid wrinkles.
Very Simple. Just turn it on and sit in front of it. This product has been specially designed to reach all parts of your face including top of your neckline. It has three parts, one for the front and two for the sides. An option is to put your hands on the side panels and bring them a little closer to your face if necessary.
Remove all make up and clean your face. Connect the product to the socket and open it by pushing the black button below. Set the timer by turning the timer knob and all the lamps will glow up immediately thanks to the use of electronic ballasts. After time passed out the device will automatically shut down.
In order to be able to notice improvement of your skin and decreasing of the wrinkles you have to use the product for certain time. It’s not magic machine it’s a real treatment of the skin which takes time. This timing and the actual results depends on your type of skin, on your age, lifestyle and in general. It’s different for everybody but you will be able to see results after a while.
We recommend to use the product 3 weeks in a row for 25 minutes a day on a distance of 10/15cm. This is distance between your nose and the tubes. When after this period no improvement can be seen extend the period to four weeks. By then you definitely should see the improvement. Because no side effects are known for this type of lamps there is no objection to use the product after this initial session 2 or 3 times a week for 20/25 minutes. Depending on your age and skin 2 times a week might be enough while for others a daily treatment would be better. You will only find out by using the product.
The lamps produce heat so it is not strange that during operation your skin gets a little irritated. You can use afterwards or before a normal moistening skincare product for your face.
Dimension Open: H48 - W44 - D20
Dimension Closed: H48 - W26 - D20